Student Council

The Student Council members for 2022/2023 are;

  • 1st Year – Kimberley McCarthy O’Connor, Conor Bourke, Oisin Kennedy
  • 2nd Year – Rubi Walker, Athol Harvey and Meabh O’Callaghan
  • 3rd year – Ailin Kennedy, Ely White-Linnane and Chloe O’Donnell
  • Transition Year – Flora Kozma and Billy Moylan
  • 5th Year – Laszo Koves and Dara Kennedy
  • 6th year – Liam Kelly, Jacob Penn and Sarah Jane Flynn

During the school year, we hope to achieve many things including;

  • Organising fun events for the students
  • Raising money from these events and others and donating some of it to charity
  • Improve nutrition in the school
  • Setting up extra-curricular clubs for the non-sporty students