School Facilities

St Mary's Newport School Facilities

St. Mary’s Campus is based on 6 acres which includes a full size gymnasium, tennis courts, basketball courts, a playing pitch and access to local Astroturf.

St. Mary’s Secondary school has numerous general purpose classrooms, which are bright and spacious and help to promote a positive learning environment. Each of these classrooms is equipped with computer, data projector and stereo sound system, which enhance the learning experience of our students. Besides numerous general classrooms we have a number of specialised rooms.

A spacious full sized Gymnasium, with a fully developed playing pitch provides excellent facilities for Physical Education (PE) and games. There are also a number of hard playing areas comprising five Basketball Courts and Tennis Courts. Schools need to keep apace with new trends and technology. Some measure of literacy in computing is an essential element any young person’s profile particularly in this day and age. The school’s computer room contains an up-to-date system with modern PC’s. The Computer Studies programme offers pupils the opportunity to develop a range of computer skills by means of direct hands-on experience of using new information technology.

Specialist Rooms

  • Three science laboratories
  • Woodwork Room
  • Home Economics Room
  • Technology Room
  • Multi Media Laboratories
  • Construction Studies Room
  • Board Room
  • Design and Communication / Graphics Room
  • Computer Aided Design Room
  • Computer Room
  • Library
  • Graphic Room
  • Two assembly halls
  • Oratory
  • Gym
  • Guidance Suite
  • Technical Graphics Room
  • Music Room